About Me

Welcome to Out of the Booth! My name’s Ria Burman and I’m a photographer, specializing in wedding photography, photo booths and event photography. Living in SF, I’ve been witness to many beautiful weddings and events in and around the gorgeous bay area. I love telling visual stories and capturing emotion with photos. I enjoy documentary~editorial style photography and can offer up the powerful poses, when the occasion arises. I like being a fly on the wall and capturing timeless images through the natural flow of moments unfolding. Yet, if I discover good light and an interesting background, I jump~thrive~bounce at directing a couple or a crowd into it for a sweet shot along the way! I’m a versatile shooter, who enjoys soft, diffused gorgeous light as well as high contrast 60’s/70’s fashion style photos. I believe variety is the spice of life and I aim to deliver above and beyond my clients wishes in a relaxed, fun fashion!

When I’m not behind the camera, I’m behind the computer, ha! Editing is no joke! I enjoy editing in coffee shops with natural light, sofa options, numi tea, cheap, non~acidic coffee and vegetarian food options. I also enjoy editing from home and I like the balance of bouncing from both. At home, with my extensive collection of VHS’, I pop an eighties comedy or action in and away I go! Alternatively, I listen to vinyls or podcasts. Favorite podcasts are How I Built This, Planet Money, Darren Main’s, Inquire Within (although he hasn’t made one since April), RadioLab & The Joe Rogan Experience (his interview with author Chuck Palahniuk was very good, unsurprisingly, uncomfortable as it was beautiful). Favorite vinyls are Patti Smith’s Dream of Life, Anita O’Day recorded live at the Berlin Jazz Festival (discovering a newfound love of live recordings, recently) & Chris Stapleton’s Traveller. I realized I haven’t addressed my top VHS’ to edit to, let’s do that now. 9 to 5, Overboard (the original), Clueless, The Hard Way, Inner Space, All of Me, Point Break & The Legend of Billie Jean.

When I’m not behind the camera or computer, I enjoy road trips, bike trips and hiking to explore new places. I love nature, small towns and big cities. Anywhere I can wander to experience new visuals and perspectives, I’m there! I also enjoy playing basketball, jogging, practicing yoga, gardening, going to the movies, dinner parties and reading.